GRB SUX? We Need New Grb!!!

Mon Jul 30, 2012 10:52 am by russell0659

GRB has become so boring, and with the know cheats and exploits is by no means fair.

I propose i completely redo GRB with Harder Mobs and more GRB Points. Maybe even A Quest that gives GRB Points. Some Rare Items that only drop in GRB. And Some more Guild Stuff.

What you think? Tell Me Here!

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Sat Jul 07, 2012 6:53 pm by russell0659

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Can't login from german IP

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Can't login from german IP

Post  CowMover01 on Wed May 09, 2012 3:48 pm

Every time I trye to login from my german provider, I could login to the server, yes, but than I'm standing around at my last logout place without having any buffs in my bars, having nothingin my bags, no skilles are skilled and no NPCs and other players are around. Some time later, I'll get a message that I was disconnected.

This issue appears with any account I have equal if I try to login with dark or light accounts.

If I'll login from one of my asian or us servers by VPN, I have no problems.

I also checked my Astaro Firewall and said to her Any-Any-Allow while testing but I was running into that issue at any time I'm using a german IP from the Telekom Network. If I'm using an IP from another provider or connecting by VPN boute one of my other german Servers everything is fine too.

My firewall tells me, that I can contact the SK server and it is responding too but it seems like that my provider (Telekom) has issues with the Sk server.

Anyone who has the same issues or knows bout them?


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